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Table of Content:






1. Servers


Sardine-Recruiting, Hangout


2. Allies & Enemies

Best Allies:

Forest Warriors





3. Flag

Proudly our flag stands for our Nation.

The 3 Stripes stand for the 3 years it will probally take to get in the top 3. Forest Vikings will stand tall, and will not give up!

Colors-Green & Brown



The Forest Vikings are a Democratic Republic or a Republic Oligarchy. That means that we are a mix between a Democrat (We elect our congress) and a Republican (The people have a say, and we have congressional votes for big decisions) We do have a bit of a hard work when it comes to picking new leaders. New leaders are picked by the retiring leader. A retiring leader can choose to have an election for the next leader if they wish not to pick. Head Generals, or 2ics, and Commander Generals, or 3ics are picked by the current leader.


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